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The DAWN Media Group is Pakistan's leading media enterprise. Wielding enormous influence among business leaders, policy makers, think-tanks, educators and academics as well as within the English reading public at large, the DAWN Group has consistently brought to news reporting the highest possible standards of independence, accuracy and credibility. It is also characterised by a willingness to embrace change and undertake pioneering initiatives aimed at benefiting its large community of readers in Pakistan and beyond, and in this regard education has been an area of prime importance.

The DAWN Media Groupís flagship title is Daily DAWN; Pakistan's largest selling and most influential English language newspaper. Other publications include HERALD; the country's most influential monthly current affairs socio-political magazine, SPIDER; Pakistan's first Internet magazine, AURORA; also Pakistanís first marketing and advertising magazine, the online edition of DAWN newspaper; an internet web-portal where the newspaper can be accessed at www.DAWN.com, DAWN NEWS channel and City FM 89.

About DAWN in Education Programme

DAWN in Education Programme was initiated in 1998 by DAWN Media Group, as the first ever ďNewspaper in Education ProgrammeĒ in Pakistan, and it remains to this date the only one. The world over leading newspapers have established such programmes as a step towards creating awareness of current and global affairs amongst children along with polishing their language and literary skills. DAWN in Education programme is aiming at doing just that, by bringing the best in education to schools all over Pakistan.

DAWN in Education is recognised as the most prestigious scholastic programme in Pakistan and has to its credit several successful projects in the past years, the likes of which include:

DAWN in Education Teacherís Manual is aimed at assisting teachers formulate lessons using DAWN as the key information resource in the classrooms of participating schools. The manual was developed in collaboration with the Teacherís Resource Centre (TRC).

DAWN in Education School Trips allow schools to visit DAWN offices across Pakistan and learn how a newspaper is put together every day.

DAWN in Education Quality Cultural Events provide students an opportunity to attend esteemed cultural events in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The world famous Bolshoi Ballet, Kara Film Festival and various theatrical productions have provided students interested in the performing arts with a chance to attend, participate and learn from them.
Karachi - City of Our Future Contest was held in 2003 under the umbrella of YOUNG WORLD - DAWN in-paper magazine. This unique event aimed at finding solutions for the cityís urban problems through a collective effort made by Karachiís school-going children.

DAWN Education Expo organised in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, annually facilitates the entry of Pakistani students into the best local and foreign colleges and universities. It is recognised as being a highly successful and prestigious event all over Pakistan and is considered as a perfect public opportunity for prospective students to meet representatives from education institutions at one platform.

DAWN Symposiums and Seminars bring global iconic figures within the reach of educational and decision making institutes. Prominent activists like Noam Chomsky and Ghada Karmi have spoken to select audiences under the DAWN banner.

DAWN in Education Spelling Bee

Spelling bees organised worldwide are a common phenomenon at both regional and national levels in various countries. A Spelling Bee is essentially a spelling competition amongst school children and is organised at school level. Winners then participate in a Regional/ National inter-school spelling contest.


As part of DAWN in Education Programme, DAWN conducted the first ever National Spelling Championship in Pakistan in Jan-Feb 2005. The school participation in this event has been ever increasing, starting out with only 220 schools in the 1st Spelling Bee, coming from the three main metros; the number has augmented to 650 schools for the 5th DAWN Spelling Bee to be held in January - February 2009. This expansion can primarily be attributed to the diversity of the students that are invited from private and public schools and various geographical regions. Over time each region has gathered its own set of outstations; schools from 16 cities other than the twin cities of Islamabad & Rawalpindi, 18 cities other than Lahore city and 14 cities other than Karachi city will participate in the 5th DAWN in Education Spelling Bee.


The DAWN in Education Spelling Bee aims to expand children's horizons beyond the classroom and enhance their process of learning. The contest is designed to help students improve in their spellings, increase their vocabulary, learn new concepts and develop the correct usage of the English language.

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