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1.       Each team will receive 3 badges at the time of registration on the day of the contest. The badges have to be worn by the participants at all times. The team-leader (Speller) will be nominated by the school; he/she shall spell the word after consulting with the team members. However, all team members will be allowed to ask questions to the pronouncer.

2.       Removal of the badges at any time during the competition is ground for disqualification.

3.       The role of the speller is (1) to gather as much information as possible to help spell the word correctly and (2) to spell the word correctly. The judges may not disqualify a speller for asking a question.

4.       Scores for each of the individual rounds will be displayed on the scoreboard and will be announced to the teams ONLY at the end of the two rounds.

5.       Score results may be challenged only at the end of each respective round. Appeals may be filed only by the DAWN in Education Spelling Bee Coordinator, who is seeking reinstatement in the contest. The official appeal form will contain space for the word in question, the name of the school, and the reason for the appeal.

6.       The competition will continue for two rounds. All appeals if any will be submitted to the jury.

7.       The judges will not entertain appeals from individuals seeking to dislodge other teams/participants from the competition.

8.       The judges are in complete control of the competition. Their decision shall be final on all questions.

9.       For preparation of the contest students should consult any Oxford dictionary in addition to the wordlist provided by DAWN.

10.   On stage communication between teams/spellers of other schools is strictly prohibited.

11.   Teams/participants will be required to stay quiet when other teams/participants are being questioned. Comments and remarks of all kinds to other teams/spellers are prohibited.

12.   The audience must NOT taunt or call out during the competition. The audience will be required to maintain pin drop silence at the time of the competition.

13.   One scorekeeper shall keep the score. Judges are to keep track of correct and incorrect responses.

14.   The judging panel will have three judges, out of which one will be a DAWN designated moderator. The judges will act as the court of appeal and their decision will be considered final.

15.   In the event that an action of a participant, (whispers etc.) supporter of a team is deemed inappropriate by the moderator, the moderator may disqualify the team(s) involved.

16.  During the competition, after the pronouncer gives the speller a word, the speller will be encouraged to pronounce the word before and after spelling it. The judges may not disqualify a speller for failing to pronounce the word either before or after spelling it.



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