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Additional Guidelines for the Judges

    1.       It is the judges' responsibility to keep time. The teams/spellers will have a total of 40 seconds; 20 seconds to ask questions about the word and 20 seconds to spell their words.

    2.       The judges' are to call "20 seconds" first at the 20-second mark and than ring the 2nd bell at the end of the 40 seconds declaring that the total time has finished. On completion of the first 20 seconds mark a buzzer will sound and on the completion of the remaining 20 seconds again a buzzer will sound indicating that the time has finished.

    3.       The role of the judges is to determine whether the speller has spelt the word correctly.

    4.       The judges will not disqualify a speller for asking a question. However, the pronouncer will not be liable to answer any questions after the first 20 seconds have passed.

    5.       Having started to spell a word, a speller may stop and start again after taking the permission of the pronouncer to start over. However the speller must keep in mind the given time (will be the original time and not the re-start time) within which the team has to give the correct spelling.

    6.       In retracing, the speller will be allowed to change the sequence of the letters. However, the speller will not be allowed to retrace if the word asked has been completely spelt and pronounced once.

    7.       In a situation when the speller has not completely spelt the word and wants to retrace the spelling, he/she will be allowed to do so if time remains. The speller will be awarded points if he/she starts spelling the word within the given time but crosses the 40-second mark. However, the speller must keep in mind that after the 40-second mark has been crossed he/she will not be allowed to retrace the word.

    8.       If there is a question about pronunciation, the judges shall adjudicate. Any question relating to the spelling of a word should be referred to the judges, however the pronouncer will indicate if the word spelt is right or wrong and announce the correct spelling.

    9.       A new word will be asked of a team if there is an objection regarding its pronunciation.

    10.   The judges shall resolve any and all disputes concerning: (a) Pronunciation (b) Interpretation of rules or procedures (c) Time (d) Anything else

    NOTE: Remember, the judges shall resolve any disputes and may resort to whatever legal remedies they deem appropriate as the situation demands.

    11.   The match will continue for two rounds. All appeals if any, will be submitted to the jury. The judges will not entertain appeals from individuals seeking to dislodge another speller from the competition.

    12.   Score results may be challenged only at the end of each respective round. Appeals may be filed by the DAWN in Education Spelling Bee Coordinator only, who is seeking reinstatement in the contest. The official appeal form will contain space for the following: the word in question, the name of the school, and the reason for the appeal.


    13.   The judges are in complete control of the competition. Their decision will be final on all questions.

    14.   Contestants should consult any British dictionary (OXFORD DICTIONARY) for preparation of the DAWN in Education Spelling Bee.

    15.   One scorekeeper will keep the score. Judges are to keep track of correct and incorrect responses.

    16.   The judging panel will have three judges, out of which one will be a DAWN designated moderator. The judges will act as the court of appeal.

    17.   In the event that an action of a participant, (whispers etc.) supporter of a team is deemed inappropriate by the moderator, the moderator may disqualify the team(s) involved.



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