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Additional Guidelines for the Pronouncer

1.       The flashcards given to the pronouncer for the contest will have the following details:

§         Word

§         Pronunciation

§         Part of speech

§         Meaning

§         Sentence

2.       The pronouncer will pronounce the word clearly to the contestant and will repeat the word on the Speller's request. A new word will be asked of a team if there is an objection on its pronunciation.

3.       The role of the pronouncer is (a) to correctly pronounce the word and (b) to give a sentence, meaning, and the part of speech of the word at the speller's (participant’s) request ADD: in the first 20 seconds only. Should a question arise regarding pronunciation, the judges shall adjudicate. The role of the judges is to determine whether the contestant has spelt the word correctly.

4.       The pronouncer shall remind the children to speak loudly and clearly so others can hear.

5.       In a situation when the speller has not completely spelt the word and wants to retrace the spelling, he/she shall be allowed to do so only if the speller has not finished spelling the word completely. However, if a speller starts spelling before the 40-second mark BUT crosses the 40-second mark he/she will be allowed to complete the spelling and points will be awarded.

6.       The speller will not be allowed to retrace if the word asked has been completely spelt and pronounced once.

7.       The pronouncer will indicate if the word spelt is right or wrong and announce the correct spelling.

8.       The names of the contestants who will qualify to stay on for the 'To Bee or Not to Bee' will be announced after the completion of all the rounds within a pool.

9.       Any question relating to the spelling of a word should be referred to the judges.


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