How it Works


1.       Send 2 teachers to accompany the participants.

2.       Select a team of 3 students per age group as outlined in the “Participants’ Confirmation Forms”.

3.       Agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Once the names are submitted, there will be no changes in the names of the participants.

  • Participants must not eschew normal school activity in favour of preparation for the DAWN in EDUCATION SPELLING BEE.

  • They must be designated by their school as a participant.

  • In case the number of teams exceeds a number that cannot be accommodated, the number of teams per age group will be selected through a ballot conducted by the DAWN Media Group. Each school that registers will get representation in at least one age group if balloting takes place. It is advised that schools register as early as possible to get a place in the age groups for which they register.

  • Once the balloting is finalised, the school will be informed of the age groups in which their team/teams have been selected. The participating teams per age group will be divided into pools. Teams will be divided into pools through a ballot conducted by the DAWN Media Group.

  • The participants must be within the specified age groups as at 31ST DECEMBER 2009.  (A copy of the birth certificate will be required to verify at the time of registration).

  • Participants shall not carry any objects such as stuffed animals, charms, etc. to their assigned seats at the competition.

  • The teams have to come in their proper school uniforms with SPELLING BEE badges provided by DAWN on the day of the competition. Any participant in coloured clothes and without a proper SPELLING BEE badge as issued by DAWN will be disqualified.


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