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In 1998, DAWN became the first newspaper in Pakistan (and so far the only one) to launch a Newspaper in Education Programme (NIE). Such Programmes are widely practiced by leading newspapers in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

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DAWN in Education Spelling Bee

Spelling bees organised worldwide are a common phenomenon at both regional and national levels in various countries. A Spelling Bee is essentially a spelling competition amongst school children and is organised at school level. Winners then participate in a regional / national inter school-spelling contest. As part of DAWN In Education Programme, DAWN conducted the first ever National Spelling Championship in Pakistan in Jan-Feb 2005.

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The winners of the 12th DAWN in Education Spelling Bee 2016 are as follows:

National Champions

9-11 Age Group

Ayesha Kakakhel
EMS High School (Girls Section), Islamabad

12-14 Age Group

Sameen Khan
Super Nova School, Islamabad

15-17 Age Group

Nirvana Amjad
Khaldunia High School, Islamabad

 Islamabad Regional Champions


Karachi Regional Champions


Lahore Regional Champions


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